Tackle Review: Whip’R Panfish Rods

I lived in Indiana for a few years, just a stone’s throw from Lake Michigan and all the exciting fishing that the Great Lake has to offer. I worked for an outdoors retailer while I was there and I can tell you that there are a lot of panfishermen in Indiana. Bait shops and retailers for miles couldn’t keep live bait on the shelf, and were always scrambling to stock their stores with the best gear. One common complaint that I heard from a lot of panfish anglers was that there just aren’t very many quality rods made to dropshot for panfish. Many of these anglers fished from piers and docks on the big lake, and the available rods on the market just couldn’t get the job done. Well, K&E, the company known for its Stopper lures and ice fishing rods, recently released a line of panfish rods that have the perfect bend for dropshotting for bluegill, pumpkinseeds, and perch. Keep reading for a review of the Whip’R Panfish Rods.

With the upper third of its length comprised of fiberglass and the bottom thirds made up of graphite, the Whip’R Rod was clearly designed for dropshotting. The soft, fiberglass tip allows for a lighter tough and increased sensitivity, while the graphite backbone provides the strength and firmness that dropshot rigs require. Furthermore, the rods feature a split grip design, which reduces the weight of the rod as a whole, and also provides more leverage for quick hook sets. The rod also possesses high-quality guides with ceramic inserts.

The Whip’R Rods are available in seven lengths, ranging from a 4-foot model to an 8-foot model, and cost anywhere between $30 and $40, which falls well within any budget. This low price tag also means that it makes a perfect, guilt-free, addition to any panfisherman’s gear. With such an effective rod at such a low price, you can expect them to fly off the shelves this spring.

Many rod companies make effective panfish rods, but there aren’t really any models designed for dropshot rigs with bait like wax worms. Most panfish rods maintain a softer action throughout their entire length, rather than the upper tip, which is what many panfish anglers have been seeking. The Whip’R Rods seem to be the solution to this problem. If you’re an angler who seeks bluegill before bass, or perch before pike, and are in search of a new toy to take out to the water, then I highly suggest checking out the Whip’R Rods from K&E.