Video Shows Pistol-Mounted Drone Shoot Bullets

A video making the rounds on social media lately showing a pistol-mounted drone shoot bullets has been causing concern in both the firearms and drone enthusiast communities. The video posted to Youtube appears to show a semi-automatic handgun mounted to a drone that’s capable of firing from the control module.

The drone was apparently modified so that it can support such a weapon by extending its total length to more than 26 inches. This distance allows the drone to absorb the recoil from the gun and still hover safely overhead.

For many viewers of the clip, the potential for such a device if it ever got into the wrong hands is frightening. Given the spate of shootings in the America, that doesn’t seem all that unlikely. 

Hunters have already been utilizing drones in some places to spot game, although the practice was ruled illegal in Alaska several years ago. But few, if any, have likely used drones for actual killing. Others see the potential for using this sort of technology in warfare, which no doubt the Pentagon is already working on.

Several years ago, as part of a promotion for the video game Call of Drone War, a video was released showing a military machine gun mounted on top of an over-sized drone. But that video, embedded below, has largely been suspected as being a hoax used to market the video game. Still, the potential is downright scary. 

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