Mud Parks in the Ole’ South Offers Fun, Debauchery

mud truck

Loud music, mud holes, jacked up trucks and women in bikinis. The footage makes it look like constant debauchery. This is what we would all be doing if Robert E. Lee had won the war.

Recreational mud parks are a growing pastime for giant mud vehicle enthusiasts. If you or someone you know has a rig, you can jump into the fun as well.

One such park is the Redneck Yacht Club in Fort Meyers, Florida. The venue sports 800 acres of mud track, bogs, pits, campgrounds and party arenas. Here, park goers can enjoy a day or a weekend churning through the sludge and the goo with like-minded mudder truckers, or participate in one of many competitive events, such as mud truck races, pulls and airboat races.

Of course, like any recreational park, there are rules at Redneck Yacht Club. “Stripper poles are not allowed,” is an actual rule here. Another lays out some etiquette rules: “Mudding areas are for mudding, grassy camping areas are for camping. Get caught mudding in a camping area and you will be escorted from the park.”

It is important to note that, like all rules, both of those came into being after someone actually did the thing now prohibited.

Another popular mud theme park is Louisiana Mudfest in Colfax. This park holds concerts. The Kentucky Headhunters just played the park, and Mud Jam 2015 happens July 13.

The park also boats the Mudcat Saloon, “Home of the coldest beer in central Louisiana,” as well as a marina for access from the nearby Red River.

Whether you’re a hard-tested mud buggy competitor, a big truck owner with a taste for mudding, mossy oak cammo and bikinis, or just an enthusiast who wants to witness the spectacle, mud parks make for a good reason to road trip for certain.