Red Bull Air Force Pulls Off Insane Chain Reaction Stunt

Red Bull employs fearless athletes from around the world to perform harrowing stunts that put your hairs on end. But now they have even outdone themselves. 

The Red Bull Air Force recently released a 6-minute video of a stunt called Chain Reaction, which combines eight disciplines of flight, and it’s unbelievable. 

If you’re not blown away by the stunts in this video, check your pulse. 

Last fall we spoke with wingsuit pilot Andy Farrington, who at the time was preparing for the stunt, which took place in the backdrop of Fish Towers in Moab, Utah.

“It should be pretty cool,” Farrington told us at the time. And he sure was right. 

Planning for the heavily coordinated stunt took six months and included sponsorship from Audi, which worked in its Audi RS 7. Flying overhead and around the whole endeavor was stunt pilot Kirby Chambliss. 

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Photo credit: Redbull Content Pool