Cliff Jumper Films Near Death Experience

The cliff jumper who filmed himself nearly dying off a cliff in Orange County, California told a local news station he planned it “super wrong.”

“My heart was pounding like out of my chest. It was insane,” the thrill seeker told CBS LA. The young man, who posts videos of his cliff jumps and free dives as Youtube user 8booth, did not reveal his name to the reporter or show his face on camera. 

What was clear is that he almost killed himself off a 100-foot cliff, coming way closer to the rocks than he expected. To his good fortune, he came away with only cuts and bruises.

California State Parks officials say they want to locate the man in connection to charges of criminal trespassing. They worry that other people might try and duplicate the stunt. 

“Someone leaping form those heights are at risk of death, paralysis, any number of broken bones and injuries.” Eric Dymmel, Park Superintendent of California State Parks told CBS LA.

The man leaped from the cliff into no more than 10 feet of water. Not to mention this self-made stuntman had miscalculated the leap not realizing the rocks below jutted out so much.

He said once he realized the danger, it was sheer terror. But all in a day’s work for this Youtube sensation.

“For the industry and what it’s worth I love pushing it and filming it,” he said. “A lot of people think it’s stupid, but I think it’s stupid to sit in a cubicle all day.”