Overcoming Challenge #1 of 8 – The Woods Wilderness Relay

Twelve contestants are divided into teams of two to face eight total challenges. Challenge #1 is the Woods Wilderness Relay – a race that only the soul of an adventure seeker would take on, set in the vast Haliburton Forest Reserve in MacDonald Lake, ON.

The race first splits up the teams of two, so that each individual is taking on a 17 km mountain bike ride or a 10km run, back-to-back relay-style. After the two contestants test their mettle individually, the two pair up to complete a 9km canoe race with portage. The first team to cross the finish line will be crowned victors of the first challenge. With a total of 3 challenges in Ontario, competitors will need to stay in the top rankings to avoid being one of four eliminated following challenge #3.

To survive in the wilderness, competitors will need to take shelter from the elements and wildlife. And there’s no better way to do so than in the Creekside 4-Person Tent from Woods Canada, with its 1200mm water repellent coating, ample storage, no-see-um mesh to prevent insects from entering, and much more. With enough room for up to 4 people, the Creekside 4-person tent is a must-have for any outdoor excursion. Also available in 3- and 6-person models.

For more on the Woods Creekside 4-Person Tent , please visit Woods.ca. And make sure to follow along on WoodsExplorer.ca to see the rest of the challenges!