Overcoming Challenge #7 of 8 – The Rocky Mountains Photography Challenge

As the search for Canada’s Greatest Explorer continues, the three remaining contestants will again have to survive in the Rocky Mountains – only this time they’ll have to spend time appreciating them along the way.

Challenge #7 is focused – pun intended – on photography. And although the remaining contestants don’t have a lot of experience in photography, they have the guidance of world-renowned nature and wildlife photographer John E. Marriott. John will provide tips and advice on how to get the best shot. Serving as the final judge, Marriott is scoring contestants out of a total of 100 on their ability to capture ten shots reflective of their overnight stay in the Rocky Mountains. The scores will be given across the following key points: Storytelling, Creativity, Variety of Images, Selfie, and Hero Shot (best overall photograph).

Lucky for the contestants, being in the Rocky Mountains provides a wealth of breathtaking vistas, bustling bodies of water, wildlife, and natural beauty. The only limits are the contestant’s creativity and their ability to find and snap the best shot.

Thankfully, contestants are given 24 hours to complete their photography task. They will be outfitted with a camera package (camera, lens, memory card and batteries) and Woods camping gear, such as the Woods Cascade Tent.

The Woods Cascade Tent is the perfect companion for an overnight stay in the wilderness. It keeps you out of the elements with its RAINGUARD floor & fly, durable and lightweight aluminum poles, as well as second door for added accessibility.

To learn more about the Woods Cascade Tent, please visit Woods.ca. Make sure to tune in to WoodsExplorer.ca to watch the final challenge and see the winner be crowned as Canada’s Greatest Explorer!