Overcoming Challenge #6 of 8 – The Rocky Mountain Orienteering Challenge

Now that we’re down to only four contestants remaining, the stakes have never been higher – literally – because they’re now atop a 3,100ft elevation for a 10km orienteering race to the finish! The final four contestants competing for the title of Woods Canada’s Greatest Explorer will have their physical stamina and orienteering skills pushed to their limits in hopes of coming out as victors. The exhilarating race takes place in the Alberta Rockies and can take anywhere from 4-6 hours to finish. The three contestants who complete the course with the fastest times will get the chance to duke it out in challenge #7.

To complete the race, the four contestants will receive a compass and a topographical map which outlines key markers of their journey: the start, finish, mandatory checkpoints, and any out of bounds zones or hazards to avoid on their trek. Each racer must hit every checkpoint to complete the race. In addition to the map and compass, each contestant will have an emergency VHF radio on hand should they require assistance or become lost. Luckily, though, they will receive some advice and guidance from Frontier Lodge expert Joel Barrett who is experienced in planning and guiding everything from rock climbing to mountaineering, to zip lining and rappelling and everything in between.

The contestants will also be equipped with Woods Hiking Boots to assist them through the orienteering race. A multi-directional traction rubber sole provides improved grip and durability to face the challenges that lie ahead in the Alberta Rockies. The Dri-tec waterproof membrane adds further protection from the elements, and the 5mm Hi-Tec memory foam foot bed aids in comfort for the lengthy journey.

Woods Hiking Boots are an essential tool for any trip into the wilderness. To learn more about Woods Hiking Boots, please visit Woods.ca. And make sure to continue to follow along on WoodsExplorer.ca to see the final two challenges!