Overcoming Challenge #5 of 8 – The Quick Fire Cook-Off

As the series of challenges continues, the remaining contestants must put their most primal instincts to the test. Their challenge is to cook a presentable, nourishing, and hearty meal using only foraged items and outdoor cooking techniques. Oh, and they’ve got only 60 minutes to do so!

Being exposed to the wilderness, meals must be uniquely crafted using nothing more than your usual camping fare. They were provided with items such as mushrooms, and dry goods, as well as fish from local water sources. The ingredients were hand-selected by Les Jardin Sauvages restaurateur chef Nancy Hinton and her partner and expert forager Francois Brouillard.

All cooking will be performed on the Woods Radiant Heat Stove. Thanks to built-in radiant technology, the burners are more wind-resistant and more fuel efficient than ones found on traditional camping stoves. These benefits are bolstered to an even greater degree by folding wind shields that protect your twin 9200 BTU burners, giving you more than enough reliable cooking power. The Woods Radiant Heat Stove also conveniently comes equipped with features specifically geared toward enhancing ease-of-use, such as match light ignition and a sturdy drip tray. Best of all, it’s almost two feet in width, providing ample cooking surface given that it’s designed for an on-the-go camping lifestyle.

For more information on the Woods Radiant Heat Stove, please visit Woods.ca. And make sure to continue to follow along on WoodsExplorer.ca to see the remaining challenges!