Bino harness

This Year’s Best Product

Bino harnessEvery year I have a chance to check out several outdoor products to test and use, but very rarely do I run across a product that blows my mind with its innovation and usefulness.  The Ultra-Light Bino Harness from Rick Young Outdoors did just that.

The Ultra-Light Bino Harness is a major league upgrade to commonly known bulky, restricting, thick-strapped binocular harnesses that have become standard issue in the hunting industry. The Ultra-Light sets a new standard with its featherweight design, ease of adjustability, quality parts, and flat-out comfort that your big, black strapped harness can’t even begin to touch.

I cannot stop raving about this product.  This year, I have put it to the test in the mountains of Alaska and the brushy draws of Southeastern Kansas, and it is a superb performer in all hunting environments.  The number-one surprise of this harness is that you will not even notice that you are wearing it. It is simply there and so are your binos. You can count on this harness on all-day hikes in brushy, rugged terrain, or the tight quarters of a lonely treestand 20 feet in the air.

Although its weight impresses me the most, it’s lightning-fast adjustability is really its shining feature. Unlike those black-strapped goliath harnesses that require removal for adjustment every time a jacket or coat is removed, the Ultra-Light is ‘layer proof.’ If you can scratch the back of your neck, you can adjust this thing in two seconds or less. 

The next best characteristic of the Ultra-Light is its durability.  The innovator Rick Young chose to use a type of elastic strapping that seems to stretch to the moon while remaining seemingly bullet proof. When you bring your binos to the viewing position, the ease of stretch in the magic elastic is simply effortless, and the return memory of the stretchy material makes returning your binos comfortably back on your chest seem like a luxury.  

I have no affiliation, nor do I benefit from praising the Ultra-Light Bino Harness. I predict it will go gangbusters in the hunting and outdoor industries as quickly as people can give it a try. Without a doubt, this ultimate tweak to an already existing product is the best-of-the-best of any sporting goods item currently being produced. It is simple, it is affordable, and it is awesome.

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